NOGA Chip Hook Steel 430mm NogaGrip SP2500 - HSS, Black, Guarded, Plastic Cap

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The NOGA CHIP HOOK SP2500 (Length 430mm)

  • NogaGrip handles, handguard
  • For removing chips and cleaning chip trays on machines
  • NogaGrip handle designed for maximum comfort in your hand

Designed to remove chips and debris from work surfaces during machining operations. Commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, and fabrication processes where chips and debris can accumulate on the surface of a workpiece and interfere with the machining operation. 

Made of a sturdy, lightweight material and has a long, narrow handle with a curved hook-shaped end. The hook is designed to fit into tight spaces or around complex shapes, allowing the user to quickly and easily remove chips and other debris from a range of work surfaces. 

Overall, the NOGA chip hook is a highly effective tool that helps to improve accuracy and quality in machining operations by keeping work surfaces clean and free from debris  A must from the workshop!

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